About Us

Pretty in Panties Private Services, LLC is an adult entertainment service in Omaha, NE.

Pretty in Panties consists of hard working, compassionate women: Our “Lovely Ladies”.

Our Lovely Ladies provide “Sightly Services” to the adult community.

Sightly Services are common, everyday services completed in the privacy of your home.

Our clients have the option of:

Lingerie Services

Your Lovely Lady will complete your service request while embellished in fine lingerie attire.

Topless Services

Enjoy the same high-quality service, with the added view of less attire.

“Fantasy Option”

Enhance your experience with a fully customized attire or theme. 

Black leather, Schoolgirl, Daisy Dukes?  No Problem.

Although Pretty in Panties is dedicated to satisfying and entertaining each and every client, the business model also encompasses the independence and authority of each and every maid/model. 


Every maid/model has the right to choose, alter or decline any service or request, based on her discretion.


The goal and purpose of Pretty in Panties is as much about the satisfaction and liberation of our clientele as it is the independence and authority of the maids and models that we contract.


 Our mission is to effectively and wholly ensure that our adult community has a personable and genuine outlet for our natural, humane desire to feel excitement and vibrancy.


By encompassing vibrant adult entertainment services with conventional yet nurturing acts of service, Pretty in Panties aims to eradicate shame, guilt and misinformation that tends to be associated with adult sexuality in our society.  Through acts of grace and service, we aim to replace these negative traits with acceptance and knowledge, for the sexual/spiritual health of all adults.

Hours of Operation

Noon-11:00 PM
*Before noon and after 11:00 PM by request

Yes, We Actually Work!

Pretty in Panties provides our clients with high quality Sightly Services. Our confident, beautiful workers combine diligent services with high spirited entertainment.

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100% Private & Discreet

The privacy of Pretty in Panties clientele, as well as the discretion of service providers, is held in the highest regard. Nondisclosure Agreements are utilized to ensure comfortability.

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This Is A Legal Service

Our business model is simple, fun and entertaining! The goal of Pretty in Panties is to combine practical and useful services with vibrant beauty and delicacy.

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Pretty in Panties is in no way, shape or form affiliated with any kind of prostitution or illegal sexual services.

NO solicitation of any sexual favors

NO physical contact with any of our maids or models

If a model or maid feels uncomfortable, she has the right to leave without rendering services and all payments to Pretty in Panties will be forfeited.

All services are non- refundable.

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